Sunday Gathering information

We gather on Sundays at 10:45 am mountain time at 5512 N. Lovington Highway in Hobbs, New Mexico to worship God through singing and hearing His Word proclaimed. Children's ministry is available for ages 12 and under. In addition to gathering in person, we also offer a live online option via Facebook Live, so if you'd like to join us, search for "Redeemer Church of Hobbs" on Facebook!

About Us

Redeemer Church of Hobbs is a new church in Hobbs, New Mexico. Our mission is to be a reaching, discipling, multiplying church. We aim to reach people with the gospel, disciple the saints in the gospel, and multiply churches for the sake of the gospel. 

We aim to make our Sunday gatherings honoring to God, through singing songs that are rooted in the Bible, and preaching/teaching directly from the Bible. Most of the people who attend our gatherings dress casually. We use a preaching method called "expository preaching," which aims to interpret and explain the meaning of the biblical text. We usually pick a book of the Bible and start in chapter one verse one of that book, and preach verse by verse through the entire book, covering every word. This means it may take us a year or more worth of sermons to preach through an entire book. 

You can listen to past sermons on our Podbean page at 

If you would like more information about our church, have questions about our church, or would like to schedule a meeting with our pastor, please email us. We are associated with Redeemer Church of Midland, Redeemer Church of Lubbock, and the Redeemer Network of Churches.